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About Us

Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic is one of the India’s leading clinics in the field of Physical Medicine and rehabilitation.

Our patients receive a personally tailored treatment plan, including the latest therapy methods and innovative technology.

Our Vision

We will lead the field of physical medical and rehabilitation by delivering exceptional patient experience through the integration of the quality care, technology, education, research and advocacy.

We strive to be the world’s best Neurological rehabilitation system, within the context of promoting human Values and culture that encourages the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

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Our motto

“We bring them back to the things you love”. We work according to this motto and support you with all your strength in achieving your personal rehabilitation goals.

Are We Right for You?
Anyone who has suffered a setback in functionality and self-reliance as the result of an injury or illness can benefit from rehabilitation. Rehabilitation has been proven to produce better, more lasting rehabilitative results. Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic is your superior choice for comprehensive specialised rehabilitative care with state of the art equipment in India.

Every patient wants to return to his or her highest level of strength and independence in an efficient timeframe. Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic provides specialized, directed rehabilitative treatment delivered by experienced experts using state of the art technology and methodology. Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic brand of innovative specialized treatment delivered by talented personnel in an attractive, comfortable space is what puts us at the cutting edge of rehabilitation.

Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic accepts new patients six days a week on the basis of referrals with prior appointment. Referrals can be made for patients who are currently situated in a hospital, in another rehabilitation facility, or at home. Referrals can be made by patients, physicians, hospital discharge planners, family members, friends, private rehabilitation providers, allied health providers, and others. Call today On +919866966866 Or On 040-29884499 for more information about our specialized and state of the art Robotic services.

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Why Choose Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic?

Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic is the best neuro rehabilitation clinic in Hyderabad that has been treating patients with neurological and orthopedic issues for the past ten years with great success. Providing the best pediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation in Hyderabad, we specialize in neurological and orthopedic physiotherapy for kids and adults of all ages. 

As the best physiotherapy clinic in Hyderabad, we have extensive experience treating a wide range of neurological illnesses, including brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, transverse myelitis, cerebral palsy, neurodevelopmental disorders and many other genetic disorders.

About Our Services

As a provider of top rehabilitation services for stroke in Hyderabad any more such services, our goal is to improve children as well as adults’ quality of life so that they are healthy and active and that they can participate fully in everyday life.

At our rehabilitation center in Hyderabad, we provide the following services:

Adult Rehabilitation Program

When a person has a disability as a result of a spinal cord injury or acquired brain injury, their abilities and lifestyle are impacted. As a result of this situation, we provide each of our patients with the top adult neurological physiotherapy in Hyderabad that includes the most up-to-date therapy methods and cutting-edge technology.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Program

We are a specialized clinic that provides children with cerebral palsy, developmental delay with physical disabilities and other neuro motor disorders with individually personalized therapy. More than 200 children and their families are served by our team of highly skilled and dedicated physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Does Physiotherapy Work for Everyone?

There are many people nowadays who benefit from the best pediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation in Hyderabad, which is one of the most popular treatment options. Many individuals in India choose to get physiotherapy at home if they have injuries, pains, aches or mobility-related concerns. The top adult neurological physiotherapy in Hyderabad seems to be highly beneficial for the majority of patients when they are treated by qualified and experienced physical therapy professionals. Physiotherapy treatments are a great way to get rid of lingering discomfort or reoccurring symptoms.

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Even while physiotherapy is quite successful, it is not a panacea for people who may ultimately need surgery or other forms of treatment. So, you must contact a reputable rehabilitation center in Hyderabad or the best neuro rehabilitation clinic in Hyderabad, such as Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic, for physiotherapy treatment of any kind, whether you’re dealing with shoulder discomfort or anything else. The best physiotherapy clinic in Hyderabad can guarantee major changes in your health or recommend alternative treatment options.

What Rehabilitation Services Does Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic Offers?

Our clinic provides a wide variety of services, all of which are customized to the individual needs of those who come to see us.

Our primary goal is to help you return to an active, healthy and pain-free lifestyle. Known for the top rehabilitation services for stroke in Hyderabad, we provide the following rehabilitation services:

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  • Physiotherapy at Your House
  • Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries
  • Injuries to the Musculoskeletal System
  • Pain Control
  • Therapeutic Shockwaves
  • Rehabilitation Before and After Surgery
  • Rehabilitation for the Elderly
  • Physiotherapy for Athletes

To schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists, get in touch today!