The SaeboMAS dynamic mobile arm support system is a zero gravity upper extremity device specifically designed to facilitate and challenge the weakened shoulder and elbow during functional tasks and exercise drills. Patients suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions and who exhibit proximal weakness can benefit from the much needed support and facilitation.

Additionally, patients with proximal weakness can now participate in proven treatment techniques of highly repetitive, task-oriented activities which would have otherwise been impossible.

• Adjustable spring based parallelogram offering various levels of assistance.
• Incorporates all planes of movement so multi-directional activities can be achieved.
• Measurable graded Tension Scale for tracking and documenting progress.
• Height adjustable.
• Table Mount.
• Comfortable malleable forearm support with removable liners for infection control.
• Elbow Support attachment.
• Lightweight and portable.
• The SaeboMAS Base makes the MAS mobile for easy relocation throughout your facility.

• Increases motor control, strength and ROM.
• Improves ADL performance.
• Reduces hand-over-hand assistance, allowing
the patient to take on a more active role.
• Minimizes/prevents over-use injuries and
unwanted movement.
• Provides the clinician with an “extra pair of hands”
to offer more effective facilitation when needed.
• Provides an opportunity for the patient to perform
highly repetitive task-oriented drills.
• Safe and effective way to treat shoulder subluxation.

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