Successful therapy with state-of-the-art technology
EMG, biofeedback, EMG-triggered, multi-channel functional electrostimulation.

STIWELL combines state-of-the-art technology with evidence-based therapies. Studies prove therapy successes. Biofeedback visually and acoustically confirms executed movements. Complex, everyday motion sequences, e.g. gripping an apple and lifting it to the mouth, can be practiced with functional electrostimulation (FES). 4 stimulation channels enable stimulation of up to four muscle groups. The motion sequence can be started voluntarily via EMG triggering.

The STIWELL med4 is used to practice motion sequences after stroke and other neurological disorders such as traumatic brain injury (tbi) and cerebral palsy in infantile brain damage, and in the rehabilitation after accident, surgery and disease to build up muscles.

Application examples of multi-channel functional  electrostimulation:

Everyday movements such as grasp/release, open/close hand, hand to mouth, arm extension and stand up from sitting position can be practiced regularly with the STIWELL med4 electrotherapy device. Targeted training of finger and hand movements, e.g. precision/lateral pinch, is also possible. The multi-channel functional  stimulation programmes are individually programmed.

Hand to mouth

Hand-to-mouth 1
Hand-to-mouth 2
Hand-to-mouth 3


Grasprelease 1
Grasprelease 2
Grasprelease 3

Precision and lateral pinch

Precision and lateral pinch 1
Precision and lateral pinch 2
Precision and lateral pinch 3

Arm extension

Arm extension 1
Arm extension 2
Arm extension 3

Stand up from sitting position

Stand up from sitting position 1
Stand up from sitting position 2
Stand up from sitting position 3