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The Goal of Our Rehabilitation Center in Hyderabad

For those injured or ill while serving, the goal of our rehabilitation center in Hyderabad is to return our patients to their pre-injury and pre-disease physical and psychological states, as well as their social, occupational, and educational position, to their pre-injury or pre-disease condition.

The major emphasis of our top rehabilitation services for stroke in Hyderabad is on:

rehabilitation center in Hyderabad
  • Attaining as comprehensive a physical and psychological recovery as feasible,
  • Enhancing quality of life via learning life management skills, a feeling of direction for the future and resilience,
  • Restoring social connectivity to family and community,
  • Establishing a new valued function within the society,
  • Learning to comprehend and self-manage physical and mental health issues to the best of the person’s abilities,
  • Supporting the individual to return to safe and meaningful work at the earliest practicable time to limit future impairment to physical and mental health and wellbeing via long term absence from employment, and
  • Lowering the human and economic cost of disability on ADF members, former soldiers, their families and the greater society.

Is Tanvi’s Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic the Right Choice for Rehabilitation?

For people who have been injured or ill while serving, we, as the best neuro rehabilitation clinic in Hyderabad, offer a chance to reflect on their overall well-being while also identifying specific goals and targets that may serve as catalysts for positive life improvements. Helping the people define, strive toward, and attain rehabilitation objectives helps develop self-confidence and a feeling of optimism for the future.

top rehabilitation services for Stroke in Hyderabad